Let's find out how the aao projectors

are born

ID Research

With the belief of aesthetic and innovation, our aao lab ID Designers combine the fashion trend with the most developed technology at the same time. That is how an aao projector was born in the first place.

ID Model Design & ID Rendering Image

How to make a creative idea coming true, that is aao lab Graphic Designers good at. We choose the one from thousands of pieces of Model Designing Images that have been created, the one that could be sold over millions of sets all over the world.

Hand Model Making

Once our aao lab designers hand over the chosen projector image to our Engineers, they make the hand model and design the projector structures. With the concept of using every inch of space inside of our aao projector, our Structure Engineers always deliver an exquisite projector to the market in the end.

Functional Testing

A full range of the tests would be processed with our Software and Hardware Testing Engineers, including functional testing, thermal testing, electric performance testing, and software testing. Once the projector walks out of our aao lab, we make sure it is safe and sound for our end customer.

Mold Making

aao lab team works with the recognized mold factory specializing in mold designing and manufacturing for export and has a professional team of engineers. We work with each other to aim at delivering every aao projector with fine craft and durability.

Trial Production & Reliability Testing

aao lab team works with our quality control team and factory for trail production and reliability testing. At the same time, a brand new projector sample is ready for sending out to our clients.

Mass Production

After an average of 6 months hard working from our aao lab member, thousands of projectors are ready for mass production. With the single purpose of bringing a video projector with the cool design, good performance and competitive price to every consumer, aao lab team is always trying their best to make our aao projector popular as it should be!