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First, people-oriented. Enterprises encourage people, caring people, relying on people, train people, achievements, and give full play to people's initiative, enthusiasm and creativity, to maximize the potential to inspire people to achieve personal goals and organizational objectives of the combination of the ultimate good for the enterprise Fast development to provide a solid guarantee.

Secondly, the relationship between the interests of employees and the development of enterprises should be well dealt with. Enterprises in the course of business should first solve the vital interests of employees and hot and difficult issues, the results of enterprise development should benefit to each employee. The most basic needs of employees are met, and then guide the staff gradually from the pursuit of personal interests to the pursuit of common interests, from the pursuit of material satisfaction to the pursuit of the full realization of the value of life, so that all aspects of positive factors gradually condensed to the sustainable development of enterprises Direction up.

Once again, it is a team spirit that promotes unity and collaboration. Enterprises in the harsh, fierce competition in an invincible position, the need to have a courageous struggle, dare to meet the challenges of personnel. To encourage employees to create, progressive spirit, in addition to build a "fair, just and open" platform, the enterprise should always maintain a certain competitive pressure, which is more conducive to talented people come to the fore. "Long on", Liu Bei on Zhuge Liang praise, good day secret, let Guan Yu, Zhang Fei and other unhappy, but the result is that they powerful combination, to promote the cause of development. This is Liu Bei with their own management philosophy to their personal values and achievements of the values of clever unification of the results of industry.

The final point is that ideological education is the precursor to the promotion of enterprise execution, the "soft foundation" to enhance the vitality of enterprises and maximize the benefits of enterprises; enterprise managers must pay attention to and strive to do well The ideological education of employees. However, in practice, often due to improper methods of education, leading to the mere form of learning. Therefore, to do a good job in the new situation of ideological education, we must improve the educational methods, the right medicine, in order to receive a multiplier effect.



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